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Tips for How to Decorate a Cohesive Dining Room

Decorate a Cohesive Dining Room

INTERIOR DESIGN | Tips for How to Decorate a Cohesive Dining Room | House to Home

hey guys welcome back to live your style

I’m Shara as most of you know today

we’re tackling at the dining room

I’m showing you the last room inside our

house we still have a little room

outside in the backyard that I’ll show

you guys in a few weeks huh huh I like

it project if you guys follow me on

Instagram which you should if you

haven’t yet I post a lot of fun stuff

and I asked you guys all the questions

you have about dining or decorating and

boy are you guys curious about dining

rooms and that you seem to have a few

concerns and questions and things you

want clarified about decorating you are

dining space Before we jump into today’s

video I want to ask you the question in

the video which is how many people can

sit around your dining table mine is 8

this is the biggest dining table I have

ever had and it was quite fabulous can I

just say but I have been at a one phase

in my life where my dining table was a

bench at the end of my bed because I

lived in a studio and you had to sit on

the floor on a pillow

Decorate a Cohesive Dining Room
Decorate a Cohesive Dining Room

I’m Tyler members next we were dating

and he pretended to like it but he hated

it because he’s sick sport I hope you

guys have been loving the House dome

series kinda sad that it’s almost over I

think it’s been like a really cool

experience for me because I’ve been able

to process the whole thing you go

through when you move and how you move

into a new house and it feels super

unfamiliar and kind of scary and a

little bit depressing because you’re

like what did we do where are we and the

whole point of this series was not only

show you our new place but also walk you

through the ways to make your house feel

like a home and make it feel cozy and

like you and like it reflects your style

and you’re proud of it and just help you

piece it all together I want to say a

special thank you to article and to

minted they have partnered with us in

this series and they’ve really allowed

for me to make some pretty cool videos

and show you guys some pretty awesome

furniture alright let’s get into this

video sorry about the long intro don’t

forget to hit the subscribe button

thumbs up this video and answer the

question of the day I mean the video you

know what I mean

the first thing that you need to

consider is a rug you guys know me I’m

all about the rug life I love rugs

everywhere but especially in a dining

room because it really grounds the space

you’re probably sharing a dining room

space with the kitchen space also with a

living room space so having the rug

really helps define oh this is the

dining room and it’s separate from this

other room but it’s all in the same room

if you have a big circle table I

recommend getting a bigger circle rug if

you have a big rectangular table get a

rectangular rug you could do a circle

table on a rectangular rug but the rug

would have to be pretty big because

you’d want it to go beyond the circle a

lot of questions you guys asked me on

Instagram was how do you know what size

rug to get for what size table a good

rule of thumb is when you pull the

chairs out you want the legs certainly

the front legs but the back legs to also

be just right on the rug that way you’re

not kiddie Wampus also if you get too

small of a rug in a dining room it can

actually make your space feel way

smaller I originally had put a five by

seven rug in here thinking like oh yeah

that’ll be big enough and then when the

dining table was put on it it was like

the size of the table was not good this

is an 8 by 10 rug and it almost filled

up the room I have about a foot on

either side of the rug it made this room

looks so much bigger so that was a

really great thing that we did the other

thing that you have to know when it

comes to picking out your dining room

rug is making sure the material that you

pick is not too precious but also it can

be vacuumed because this is a

high-traffic area it’s a high spill area

and so I recommend getting either a flat

weave which is something like what I

have or you want to get something that’s

a low peel rug which is going to be kind

of like the one I used in the bedroom

but now that we have our nice rug down

let’s add the next layer which is

obviously a table let’s go get it you

want to help me okay oh you feel cute


the next thing is the table so it’s e8

like I said it’s a little bit over three

feet wide and a little bit over seven

feet long the room itself is in between

the living room in between the kitchen

and the hallway to the bedrooms so it’s

very much a like cross through area one

of the most important things when it

comes to picking a dining table you

obviously wanted to see the amount of

people you need to see for but you also

want to make sure you’re allowing a lot

of extra space to maneuver around that

way your room doesn’t feel really like

small so this size room is almost a

square it is 13 feet long and it’s about

ten feet wide we have about three feet

on either side here which is exactly

about the amount that you want between

two and three feet on either side of the

table to get around people to move their

chairs in and out if you guys don’t have

a lot of space obviously you can get

square tables you can get circle tables

a lot of the time visually circle tables

take up less space because there’s no

corners so I recommend that try to make

the most of it I mean even if you don’t

have a lot of space there are a lot of

different varieties especially at IKEA

and places like that and pick a table

that’s best for the amount of space that

you have I love this table so much it is

from article I love the light wood color

it just looks so quality the wood grain

is really beautiful I love the stained

color it goes with the color woods that

we have right now in the living room and

those rooms are so close to each other

so I really like that they kind of speak

to each other if you have not a lot of

space using a dark color table in a

really small space sometimes can soak up

a lot of the brightness and the light in

the you know room that you have so

getting something that’s lighter color

or white often helps let’s move on to

the next layer which is seating

number three chairs okay so this was by

far the most asked question on Instagram

you want to know if you can mix and

match chairs you want to know if you can

mix woods within the leg of the chair

and the leg of the table you want to

know what kind of chairs to go with what

kind of table so here’s like the general

rule yes you can totally mix and match

chairs it all depends on the style of

the chair and your problem personal

style if your style your design style is

more vintage and a little more romantic

you have the most freedom to mix and

match all different kinds of chairs if

you are more of a minimalist type I

think you need to stay closer into

having one or two different style chairs

often times as long as what’s on this

side of the table and on this side of

the table are the same and you have

maybe two end chairs that are different

that’s a really great way to keep it

really simple and clean but still mix

with the people at the heads of the

table have like the big fancy chairs if

you guys remember my old place in

Hermosa Beach we had two different

chairs that were across from each other

they had the bar on the back and then we

had two simpler ones that went on either

side of the table and then on the other

side we put a bench which I think is a

really fun way especially if you have

young kids kids love sitting on the

bench you can squeeze more people on to

kind of maximize the seating options all

of the seating options all had a more

honey slash darker wood tone mixed with

a gray patterned cloth so they weren’t

the exact same cloth but they were both

gray so a way to make it really clean

and simple is just make sure that the

textures and the colors are in the same

realm unless you have a super eclectic

design style or a Victorian design style

and you can have at it and really go

crazy now the chairs that I opted for in

this particular house are different than

any chair I’ve ever done because I

wanted just to have fun with it the

chairs here I got from article there

this green stage color which I tried to

sprinkle throughout all of the different

rooms in this house in this space I

wanted it to be really clean and serene

and just kind of like welcoming and cozy

I think the long style table lends

itself to that I think the chairs and

the color of them are very serene which

I love but you’ll notice all the chairs

are the exact same I’m going for more of

a mid

three Scandinavian style so I wanted it

to be a little bit more simplistic also

you can see what’s in the room behind me

this room isn’t by itself so I didn’t

want to make it too busy in this

in-between room because you kind of walk

through here a lot you’ll notice the

legs of the table are pretty similar to

the legs of the chairs it kind of

contrasts it but because I have all the

same chair it kind of makes sense and

goes together as opposed to having all

different colors but the reason I like

these chairs is they could go outside

because they’re plastic and metal

they’re easy to wipe down they’re

actually surprisingly very comfortable I

was worried about the comfort of them

because they don’t have any cushions on

them they’re very ergonomic great

support and they cup your butt well can

I just say but they’d also be good in a

kid’s playroom because they’re easy to

clean so I love them because they’re

versatile and I can use them for a lot

of different things also if you guys

want to do something fun and get into a

colored chair I think that the sage

green color is a really great bridge

because it’s weird that I’m saying this

it’s almost like a grey because it’s not

bright it’s like a pastel but it is

super close to an easy step into a color

without doing yellow or red or orange I

think goes really well if you have

plants in your home it makes sense kind

of ties in with that element it just

kind of gives you an organic feel

without being too fearful that you’re

committing to a color that you’re gonna

hate it just kind of blends into my home

and probably your home really well

number four light fixtures okay so

similarly to rugs light fixtures really

do help define a space they kind of tell

the eye that this is its own little area

and then also it obviously provides some

practical use it lightens up the table

lighting in a dining room is really

important because it’s totally a piece

of art it’s the focal point for the

space it’s really going to make or break

I think the vibe and the feeling of the

space for me I picked a light fixture

that went along with the vibe that we

have going on in the rest of our home so

I wanted to get something that had this

dome shape but I didn’t want it to be

directional lighting that just had like

a giant spotlight I wanted the light to

kind of go out so I like how there’s

some hole

in our light fixture here it’s kind of

that rattan woven material which lends

itself to the color of wood that I have

going on on my dining table and in the

art and in the rug and kind of within

the whole house when it comes to all the

specifics about lighting if you guys

want to learn more about bulbs and how

bright should your dining room light be

and all of those types of details I just

did a video on that I will link it below

for you guys to check out you want to

make sure that the fixture that you pick

out goes along with the style but it

also is the right size and also the

right height so with size you don’t want

it to be so big that it goes beyond your

table you want it to kind of be centered

obviously on your table that’s a big one

now if your box your lightbox is not

centered over where you want to put your

table you have two options you can

either move the light source if you own

the place or if you have a buddy who can

help you with that and moving the light

fixture thing over or you can swag it so

let’s say the light fixture thing is

over not centered to the room get

yourself a longer cord put a hook in the

ceiling above Center and swing your

light to it that way your light will

fall centered over the table you wanted

to be at least thirty mine’s actually

thirty-five inches up if you have tall

people in your life I recommend

thirty-five inches away from your actual

table surface because believe it or not

somehow Tyler hits his head on our light

fixture like all the time if you have

tall people in your life make sure you

get a soft chandelier that way they

don’t hit their head too hard because

this is like you know a basket and

they’ve said let’s move on to number

five okay so number five is all about

organization and storage in your dining

room if you guys have really big dining

rooms and you can fit extra furniture up

against the wall I recommend getting

like a buffet table or a credenza for me

I wanted to opt for a bigger dining

table which ate up some of my outside

space so I wasn’t able to fit any

storage in this room plus it’s a walking

through room so kind of weird to put big

chunks of furniture up against the wall

and I have this cute little butler’s

pantry behind me and

I was able to really utilize a lot of

storage in that space and that’s where I

put all my linens and all my wine

glasses things like that are all stored

in there another question I got was

about the credenza if the color of the

wood has to match the color of the wood

of your dining table the answer to that

question really lies in what’s your

design style if you guys have more of an

eclectic design style or more bohemian

or even a little bit more vintage style

I think you can mix around a lot more

and I think you guys can really have fun

finding different style things as long

as the styles are complementary to one

another so for example if you guys

remember when I went over to Alana’s

house you guys remember Elena I helped

her man they move into their new place

and she got a dining table at a

completely different place than where

she found their Forenza but you’ll

notice that the color of the woods are

very similar and the styles are both

mid-century but you can tell that

they’re not a set there was like a brass

inlay in the credenza the table was a

little bit more simple had clean lines

and they both went well together if you

guys want to know more about making

cohesive rooms making your rooms

cohesive to itself into the other rooms

in your house I have a really great

video on that I think I have two videos

on that now and I will link them both

below you guys can check those out so I

hope that helps


okay number six this is my favorite part

it’s time to decorate time to

accessorize and make this space really

beautiful when it comes to centerpieces

I had a lot of questions on that general

rule of thumb don’t use anything too

tall because you can’t see people across

from you also it’s really good if you

span the length of your table with

something doesn’t mean you have to have

a giant bouquet that’s as long as your

table let’s say you have one bouquet and

maybe a few bud faces like if I had a

dinner party here I would probably do a

couple small vases down the table and

make one big centerpiece in the middle

flowers are kind of more of a special

occasion thing the flowers here I think

are so beautiful they’re fresh I got

them all at Trader Joe’s and made it

myself beautiful but it’s not gonna last

so it’s not gonna be what I have on my

table all the time it’s gonna be what I

have on the table if I want to get fancy

or if I want to have people over now

this is a great option for day to day it

is kind of a monochromatic theme because

it’s similar color to my table but it’s

a little bit lighter and I just love the

texture that it provides now I have a

video that’s all about how to host a

dinner party I go over setting the table

I talk about different ways to do

centerpieces depending on what kind of

party it is if you guys want to check

that out I’m gonna link it below it is

more fall themed

but the principle is itself totally

applied to any season for me when it

comes to decorating I love white you

guys know that I love these really

awesome new white placemats that I got

they’re two-tone they are easy to wash I

know sometimes white can be scary but I

like white because I can bleach them or

I can put a stain remover on them

they’re still a woven fabric so it goes

along with my cohesive vibe that I have

going on in here oh when it comes to

vases so ooh this is heavy I have a lot

of water in here it’s a cookie jar so

when you guys go shopping for vases

don’t just look in the vase section

there are a variety of different

containers that really do well when it

comes to big bouquets the key is looking

for something that has a wide mouth a

lot of the time vases are really small

mouths and then if you try to put a

bunch of flowers in them they’re all

gonna be like sticking straight up a

wide mouth allows you to put them in

angular and die

so they kind of open up if that makes

sense this was a cookie jar I just got

rid of the lid I’ve also gone to home

goods and found flour containers like

canisters and those I have found have

been the best containers for me for

flowers so that’s a quick little tip oh

but also when it comes to decor in your

dining room art art is a really great

way to decorate the walls obviously it

doesn’t take up a lot of floor space I

didn’t want to overwhelm the space with

art on every single wall here so this

was the largest piece of wall I had and

I didn’t want it to be too busy so I

just went with one giant piece I get

this question a lot this is fifty four

by forty I got this art print app minted

and I love it because it’s kind of

architectural which kind of a theme I

was going for with a lot of my art

pieces and last but not least you have a

beautiful view out of the windows which

i think is really pretty with the trees

and then we also have our pretty

curtains that go on either side of the

window obviously I have this irritating

little border no it’s really cute I like

it but it kind of keeps me from taking

my curtains all the way up to the

ceiling which I know I tell you guys to

do all the time also big tip put your

curtains on the outside of the windows

not the inside of the windows I think I

went about a foot out from the window

that way all of my curtains when they’re

open they just sit right on the outside

and they don’t take up any of my view

they’re functional but they’re also

framing the window which looks really

nice okay guys I hope you enjoyed the

final well this isn’t the final video I

keep saying that but we do have one more

it’s been a really fun series and I hope

you guys have enjoyed this video don’t

forget to answer the question in the

video and be on the lookout for one of

our final final videos which is all

gonna be about how we updated the

backyard because it needs a lot of work

if you guys know my mom and I did this

thing called the design sessions design

sessions are great they are a way for

you guys to really learn how to make

your homes beautiful and this month

we’re focusing on curb appeal and a few

months ago I went to New York with Bed

Bath & Beyond and we filmed ten videos

ten all about moving so I wanted to

share one of those quick videos with you

if you guys want to check out all the

videos with Bed Bath & Beyond that I did

you can click the link below and go over

to their website and they have a lot of

great tips packed into all these videos

so without further adieu

enjoy this little tidbit of information

and tips on how to update your space and

be on the lookout for the video about

how we updated our backyard okay enjoy

nice hey guys my name is sheriff Steve

ins from live your style today I’m here

with Bed Bath & Beyond to tell you all

the things you’re gonna need to survive

your move and all the tips that are

gonna get you through it I’m gonna let

you guys in on a little secret for a

stress-free move from packing supplies

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Beyond has everything you need to get

your move on decorous online interior

design services allows you to work with

a professional to transform your space

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your home you can even have custom

window treatments installed like these

curtains in two weeks or less when

you’re ready to host your house swimming

party make sure you go to Bed Bath &

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