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Under $400 Small Dining Room Makeover | DIY Home Decor

Small Dining Room Makeove

Under $400 Small Dining Room Makeover | DIY Home Decor

hi everyone welcome back to my channel

today’s video is going to be a little

different from my sewing videos today

I’m gonna show you how I transform my

tiny dining room into a super chic and

pinched se space that I’d actually be

proud to take pictures of and share of

people before this video I have never

decorated a dining room before so keep

in mind that I have zero experience but

hopefully this inspires those of you who

are beginners like me to try it out for

yourself before we get started I wanted

to say thank you to hellofresh for

sponsoring this video

if you guys have ever been in the middle

of remodeling your home you know how

hectic and stressful it can get the last

thing you want to do is go grocery

shopping or think about what you’re

going to eat for dinner with hellofresh

my life was made so much easier by

having pre-measured ingredients with

step-by-step recipes delivered straight

to my doorstep ready to cook and enjoy

you can try for yourself and get $30 off

your first order by visiting hellofresh

comm and entering the code cooler but

thirty I hope you guys enjoy this video

and let’s get started the very first

thing I did was think about my color

scheme since I’m renting this place

painting the walls is not an option so

what I had to do was think about what

colors would match the walls and the

cabinet’s what really helped me a lot is

going to Home Depot and just grabbing a

bunch of color swatches to take home and

see what would look best and the colors

that stood out to me the most were pink

green and white it reminded me of a

cactus or a desert theme and that’s what

sparked my creativity the hardest part

about designing anything is visualizing

what the end result is going to look

like which is why I like to use this

website called poly bar to lay out all

the furniture and decorations by doing

this I’m able to see how all the colors

will look like together and where

certain items should be placed these are

not the same exact items I’ll be

purchasing this just makes it easier for

me to visualize I know I want a white

table and since my theme is green and

pink I was thinking about pink chairs

and for the pop of green I can have

plants hanging on the wall since the

room is so small I think of Mara would

help open up the space and lastly some

green curtains to add more color now

that I have a plan the fun part is

searching for the items the first thing

that I knew I wanted to change was

getting rid of my mini-fridge and

upgrading to a bigger sized one I

decided to look on the Facebook

marketplace and luckily someone was

selling a brand new fridge for only $100

the only thing wrong about it was that

the site has a long dent which was fine

with us because that allowed us to use

our creativity and figure out a way to

cover it up Thanks I searched the

Facebook marketplace for a wooden table

that would be small enough for my

kitchen and found the perfect table for

only $10 since we need a table to be

white the first thing we did was sand

the entire table to get rid of the

glossy residue then wipe away all the

dust with a wet cloth and let the table

dry before painting all right we are on

our way to pick up these super adorable

wooden folding chairs the lady is

selling it to us for $10 each after the

table and chairs were sanded it was time

to paint them white we actually had a

bucket of white paint in her garage

already so we didn’t have to buy a new



all right while Eric is sweeping the

garage I’m gonna start prepping

tonight’s dinner with hellofresh

so excited to make the Juicy Lucy burger

all of the ingredients are pre measured

and just need to be prepped and they

even provide step-by-step instructions

which make it really easy and fun to

follow if you don’t enjoy meal planning

or grocery shopping like me you’re gonna

appreciate this service so much this

Juicy Lucy burger only took 30 minutes

to cook and it was the best burger I’ve

ever made at home the best part about it

was definitely the onion jam if you

don’t eat me they also have a veggie and

kids meal plan for you to choose from so

try it out for yourself

and make sure to use my code cooler but

thirty for $30 off your first order on

hellofresh calm the next morning my

sister and I moved everything out of the

dining space and started planning where

everything should be placed before

making any holes in the wall at this

point I was still thinking about

painting the chairs pink but then I kind

of like them matching the table so I

decided on pink seat cushions instead

all right so I have a piece of paper and

I’m going to just trace out the size of

this chair so I can make the seat

cushion I didn’t even have to mark it

out on the chair I just folded it over

the edges increased it to get the shape

of it and then now I’ll true up the


I found this pink fabric from jo-ann

which was the perfect shade for my color

scheme fold the fabric in half and cut

out two pieces I only added a half inch

seam allowance which made the seat

cushions a little smaller than the seat

so if you want your cushion to stick out

more I would add an extra inch all



after cutting out the two pieces so all

the way around but leave an opening so

that we can turn it inside out and stuff

it later next fold the corner so that

the two seams are lined up and touching

and draw a two inch line across the

corner and pin it in place this is going

to make the seat cushion 3d instead of

being flat before so in the corners I

added two pieces of ribbon at the two

back corners so that the seat cushion

can be tied to the chair and won’t fall



all right so I have this a big bag of

scrap fabric this is what I do with my

scraps after I’m done sewing I just

throw it on here and I’m going to stuff

my seat cushions with these leftover

scrap pieces of fabric to close the

opening I’m going to use a ladder stitch

or blind stitch I’ve always done this

technique before but the way I did it

was really slow and then I saw a video

on Facebook showing how to do it a lot

faster so that’s why I’m going to try

out right now it definitely is so much

easier you just go up and across up and

across back and forth until the end and

then you pull the thread to close the

opening I still need so much practice to

get this looking clean and I recommend

drawing out your seam line to stay on

track I found the circle mirror from

Target and we’ll be using it as a center

of my wall display next to the mirror

will be two hanging wooden shells that

we are DIY in ourselves we bought two

planks of wood from Home Depot and had

them cut to 15 inches which you can ask

them to do in the store you’ll also need

some rope which we also got from Home

Depot this DIY is so easy and looks so

cute all you have to do is make markings

about an inch away from each corner and

then use a drill to make four holes in

the wood just make sure that the hole is

big enough so that you can slide the

rope through next cut two long pieces of

rope we didn’t know the exact

measurement of the rope see until we

type in nuts and saw what it looks like

on the wall it really depends on your

design so I would just leave the ropes

long until you decide how short or long

you want it to be one rope will be going

through the front two holes and the

other in the back two holes


keep in mind that the rope in the front

will be slightly longer since it’ll be

going at an angle you kind of just have

to go with it and make adjustments to

the ropes along the way

once the shelf is evenly balanced on the

wall mark where you want it to sit and

then use a nail or screw to hold it in

place when putting the second shelf up

make sure it’s lined up with the other

side before making a hole lastly I

wanted to share how I covered up the

huge dent on the side of my fridge I

decided to place a whiteboard on top and

hang a grid wall underneath so that I

can clip on notes and pictures to the

fridge I order the grid wall on Amazon

and spray painted it gold and the white

board I got it from Target here is the

before and after


all right here is my final dining room

transformation I can’t believe this room

looks so cute now compared to what it

used to look like before like I said at

the beginning of my video I have never

decorated a dining room before or any

room at all so I’m super happy with how

everything turned out and if I can do it

you guys can definitely do it too now

I’m gonna go around and give you guys a

little tour and show you guys all the

decorations we added to this room so on

top of the cabinets is an artificial

plant I found at savers their store and

I painted it pink and white to go along

with the theme and the artichoke

painting is from Joann it was really

important for me to have something above

the cabinet’s because the colors would

reflect in the mirror and make the room

look a lot more interesting on the

shelves we do wide I found these

artificial succulents from home goods

and rose and painted one of them ombre

white and pink and the other one I

painted in the triangles next we

replaced the vertical blinds with some

green curtains I bought from Target and

the white curtains are from Russ my

original Trash Can was black and it was

ruining my color scheme so I decided to

paint it green and turn it into a cactus

we painted a flower on top because the

lines got uneven I also got the woven

basket from Ross and we’ll be using it

for recyclables I love how the pink seat

cushions turned out they were also

really easy to make and even though

they’re stuffed with scrap fabric

they’re still really comfortable to sit


lastly we laid a burlap table runner on

the table to make it stand out more and

added a touch of flowers in a mason jar

for a fresh vibe thank you guys so much

for watching I hope you enjoyed this

video let me know down in the comments

if you want to see more videos like this

in the

and I’ll see you guys next time bye

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