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Window Fashions Are Going Hybrid

Window Fashions Are Going Hybrid
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A growing number of products are being created to reply to the stress of environmentally-conscious consumers, also as those that like styles that blend the old and therefore the new.

For example, hybrid-a term often wont to describe a kind of car designed to appeal to consumers concerned about energy savings-is now getting used to explain a replacement sort of interior window shutter.

The leader in window fashions-Hunter Douglas-has introduced what’s said to be the first-ever hybrid shutter to appeal to trend-conscious consumers of all ages.

Combining the design of finely painted wood with the strength and straightness of advanced materials, the shutters evoke quality at a cheap price.

Based on age-old craftsmanship techniques and infused with forward-thinking design, NewStyle™ hybrid shutters boast Truemill™ dovetail construction. Dovetail construction has long been considered by many to be the simplest method on the marketplace for joining wood.

The shutters even have a micro-smooth sophisticated satin finish called Finetech™ that simulates the design of a finely painted wood shutter. they’re available in various louver sizes-21/2 inches, 31/2 inches and 41/2 inches-to cover small traditional windows also as large modern ones.

The award-winning, exclusive TruView™ rear tilt OS , originally created for Heritance® hardwood shutters also from Hunter Douglas, is obtainable on the NewStyle collection also . With TruView, the OS is barely visible from the front and blends in perfectly on the rear side of the shutter for a sleek, contemporary design and more expansive views.

NewStyle shutters are available a choice of eight frame styles and quite 250 configuration options, including bay and corner windows, French doors and excellent and imperfect specialty shapes.

What’s more, the shutters are available in six colors that follow the newest trends, from Pure White, to the golden yellow Buttercup, to Gentle Taupe. additionally , there’s a choice of hinge finishes.

Ideal for those consumers who need a custom product quickly at a cheap price, Express NewStyle™ hybrid shutters are available three of the NewStyle colors and three frame types and may accommodate openings as large as 8-feet wide and 8-feet high.

“Inspired design, choices to suit any taste, a price point with wide appeal-that’s NewStyle hybrid shutters during a nutshell,” said Jim Klawiter, Business Unit Manager of Orion Douglas Custom Shutter Division.

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