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hey you guys and welcome back to my

channel so we are going to be jumping

right into this video pretty much I am

going to be taking this mat and I’m

covering the furnitures to make sure

nothing gets any paint spills or

anything on it and I am going to start

painting the trim I’ve already done the

three on that side and I’m pretty much

moving along the entire dining room now

if I want to say it was about five

o’clock in the afternoon

when I started painting and the Sun was

coming in and I also had the lights on

in the dining room and the color looks

really really great I love the contrast

between the bright white of the wayans

clouds down below and then the final

grade up above but as the night

progressed onto the color it just seemed

really really dark so as of right now

the color is final grade but I am really

thinking about changing the color to

light you up just a hair I did not

anticipate that the Box trim was going

to be doing like adding a little bit of

shadow on the paint which then kind of

darken the color I don’t know I’m still

thinking about it cuz in the morning it

looks really really beautiful my only

dilemma is how it looks at night again I

just really wanted to give the wall kind

of like a art detail to it especially

once the mirrors kind of go over at the

box but for right now I’m just gonna go

ahead and finish painting I’ll see how

everything turns out towards the end



gins the light switch and for right now

it’s just going to be a sight for sore

eyes the only other option is for me to

paint it and I know how my kids get down

so I’m not gonna paint it to cover it so

it’s gonna be white and I thought about

painting the entire thing white but then

I wasn’t just like I wasn’t all the way

in love with it being white so I still

have to paint the top so I have to get

the ladder out the garage to paint that

side and then I still have some more

caulking that after doing if you can see

the spacing right here still have some

more caulking but for the most part it’s

painted and I’m really really loving it

I just wanted to see what it was gonna

look like like this and it looks really


being like this I think it would have

looked really great being white also I

just okay I didn’t want to I don’t know

I just didn’t wanting to do white I feel

like the window stands out a little bit

more the wainscoting down below sticks

out a bit more and once these chairs

come in its gonna be like Poppins that’s

what I wanted to do so I’m just gonna

leave it like that I think it looks

really great this is just the first coat

I’m gonna go in and do a second and when

the boys are sleeping tonight I’m gonna

go ahead and tackle the top but I’m

gonna go ahead and make them something

to eat really quickly so as I’m making

my way to the kitchen this is pretty

much what’s going on I am really really

excited for the pantry

Oh morning and Kerr looks really good

at night it just feel like it’s too dark

but in the morning I really love it so

I’m gonna sit on this color front a

little bit I don’t know if I’m gonna

change it for now but at night it just

seems a little dark but right now I’m

looking at it and I’m really loving the

color I step into the side yeah what’s

up lady okay so I’m cooking and I’m

currently in the pantry so these are the

well this one here is the sorry Gipson

knob here is the pull that’s going to be

going on the cabinet as you can see I

still have my countertops yeah I’m

waiting on them they have to be cut I’m

trying to get a really good deal on them

so I kind of have to wait only because

instead of getting a large slab I’m

waiting on the pieces already been like

pre-cut and then whatever is left over

cuz such a narrow space right here so

yeah some youth I’m trying to save money

if I don’t do that in something crazy so

I don’t have the countertops yet we’re

currently in week 3 okay by March first

you guys will see the full review at

least the first week of March I can

definitely say yes but I had to account

for all the hiccups and stuff like that

anyway moving on so these are from a

company called D Lawson hardware and as

you can see the finish on them match the

finish on the door which is really what

I wanted so this one right here is the

cabinet that’s gonna be right here so I

was thinking to do this like this right

and not have to pull and the rest would

have the pull so you would see two

handles and then the rest was gonna be

pull I just want I just wanted a little

bit of I just wanted just a small bit of

variation on there it’s not gonna go

against this line because this is the

scene where the wood meets it so I was

thinking at least like right here would

be really good but um just wanted to

kind of show you

that really quickly this is really

really good I like it hold on let me do

this real quick cuz I want you guys to

really get into the walls because they

look so good you can barely tell that

there was any damage on the water any

holes or anything and that’s why I say

it’s kind of worth taking the time out

just to kind of patch everything I

really hate seeing the most

imperfections in them if I can help it I

would like them to be like as neat as

possible and as clean as possible and

that’s why I said I wanted the guys to

come in and sand because I was just not

almost hurt and I was exhausted so I was

like let me just call them to come in

paint and stuff and I am gonna caulk so

if you’re seeing these right here I’m

gonna get the almond and kind of go

around and have everything everything’s

gonna be really really nice when you

guys finally see the reveal but I like

doing the breakdowns like this because

then you get to see the full process the

laundry room is coming together that was

painting the pantry is coming together

that’s almost well that’s painted and

then the shovels have to go up what else

oh the dining room I painted that too

hence the paint I’m taking a shower but

all of it don’t come off out when one

you know you’d be thinking you get

everything so you get out and I’m like

oh whatever


hmm I’m gonna shower tonight I’m gonna

scrub the rest off anyway hopefully you

guys enjoying and not worth today I have

an order coming from I have an order

coming from Container Store so I’m

excited to share that I got those little

totes the organization stuff when I did

the video inside of Container Store I

showed you guys that door unit for

organization I got that I need to go to

Walmart to get the little mat to go on

the shelving in the laundry room

because I don’t want potential chemicals

like falling on that paint

cuz there’s nothing really protecting it

so I need to get liners for that I need

to get I got a trash can for recycling

and regular trash one’s a little pullout


slow thermal jiggers what else did I get

I got quite a bit of stuff I just want I

just want I’m gonna laundrymat to be as

organized as possible


I want the pantry to be as organized as

possible so these small space

transformations I think they’re just

gonna be amazing just because um they’re

gonna be nice and I really want to

revamp the kids little play area

downstairs but I’m gonna leave it alone

maybe a little a lot of you guys have

been reaching out to me recently and I

don’t have a website I’m working on it I

promise y’all working on it but right

now I don’t have one so if you wanna

reach out to me you can you can reach

out to me via email I have exciting news

to share with you guys before I forget

my manager in the background showed up


oh don’t get and don’t get I guess you

guys are going to have to wait for the

surprise but everyone has left me

downstairs so now I’m getting some

personal work done pretty much trying to

finish off final drafts of a project

that I have going on and just in case

you were wondering the lamp behind me

actually gives the room a good bit of

light so I’m not working in the dark I’m

actually getting quite a bit of light

but I do want to get a test lamp but I

hope you guys enjoyed today’s video I

know I’m giving you guys a lot of

updates on the house but that is because

a lot of the things that is going on

currently in the house it’s definitely

going to take a little bit of time but

I’m definitely excited for the reveal of

everything so that is pretty much it for

today don’t forget to Like comment and

definitely subscribe

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