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25×40 House Plan with 2 Units Apartment

25x40 House Plan with 2 Units Apartment for Rent wall Detailing plan

25×40 House Plan with 2 Units Apartment. This is a 25 x 40 house plan with lots of amenities. Now we come to our 25 40 semi-detached house plan which has 2 BHK as well as these three storage buildings. If your family is large This will be very good for you.

House plan 25 40 has 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room. shared bathroom and washing area The size of the bedroom is different. One room also has an ensuite bathroom. Now talking about the size of the first room which is a master bedroom measuring 15×15. This room has an ensuite bathroom. The second room measures 12×15, the third room measures 11×10, and all of them have an interior design. Now we come to the kitchen, which is 8 × 10 and has a modular assembly and a chimney.

The color of the kitchen interior should not be light, because it is very messy. But if the chimney is installed, then the inside will not deteriorate. There are different types of devices that you can do as you please. There is also a sink in the kitchen where you can wash dishes. If you are not comfortable, you can wash in the wash area.

25×40 house plan

This plan also has a 6×8 laundry area. You can wash your clothes and wash dishes here. There is a lot of space here. washing machine The dishwasher can put anything.

This plan comes in a 25×40 square foot area once the person has built the house. would want to have nothing at all. He tried to make it beautiful. Nobody needs any self-sufficiency in his home and in today’s competitive era, everyone wants to move forward. And then we will tell you about such a plan that is completely different and unique. Our work is to give you beauty and unique ideas. Come on now we will get many facilities in this plan in our plan.

Bedroom sizes vary, for example the first room is 12×12, the second room is 15×10, and the third room is 11×11. One room has a shared bathroom. The house faces east. It also takes care of Vastu.

25×40 house plan type

If the house has a nice interior and colors, that’s good too. Taking care of color combinations also makes the house look more beautiful. Indoors, we should always use bright colors. because the light will spread well In the room we can mix many colors, such as light purple and blue. Burnt orange and light yellow various color combinations many like this We can use it to make our colors beautiful homes.

2 storey house plan 25×40 ground floor
House plan 25 feet by 40 feet 3D
In the 25ft 40ft 3D house we’re going to show you. You get everything organized in the right way. There are 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a separate worship room. and there is a washing area Now let’s go into detail about this plan. As soon as you enter, you will find a parking area that has a lot of space and is open and has a staircase from the balcony itself. There is a toilet under the CEO.

House plan facing east 25 x 40
House facing east 25 x 40 moved from the balcony to the living room, the interior is very well maintained. This room size 15×12 has a lot of usable space, can arrange everything comfortably. Next to the living room there is 1 bedroom. It also has a very nice interior. This room is specially 12×14.

25×40 house plan with 2 storey

There is a wardrobe and dressing area. In front of the next bedroom with dimensions of 11 × 10, there are still items in the first room.

Next to the bedroom is the gallery area. And there is a 6×4 split room for worship, then a 10×10 modular kitchen. Everything looks modern. When you go beyond the kitchen This will be a washing area where you can place a sink and a washing machine.

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